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What should a selling website look like

A selling or effective site works on the principle of a marketing scheme: interest, attention, desire, action. All elements of such a resource are interconnected and contribute to an increase in conversion. A person who has landed on an effective site will want to perform the required actions himself, whether it is registration or the purchase of a product (service). No matter what goals your business faces, a quality portal will help you achieve them.

Good design goes unnoticed

The essence of good design is to position the user towards the product. Do not draw attention to fancy graphics, namely, to let a person focus on important information. It's like background music that relaxes and stimulates the brain at the same time. The design principle is the same. It should be invisible and pleasing to the eye. The simpler the graphics, the easier it is for the user to perceive the information offered. A clear website is the main task that a good web designer must implement.

The main thing is user comfort

People pay attention not to the appearance of a web resource, but to its usefulness and ease of use. A user-friendly interface with informative content is guaranteed to attract Internet users, and the successful placement of such buttons as “fill out an application”, “buy”, “place an order” will accelerate the achievement of your goal. So, the two main tasks that the designer and developers must solve are as follows:

Sophisticated navigation system

Easy navigation is the most important component of an effective web service. It depends on how quickly a person will find the information they need and whether they want to return to your resource in the future. People are naturally impatient. It is rare that anyone agrees to spend time studying the portal, especially if they are familiar with it for the first time. Therefore, the developer is obliged to make life easier for the people by making the site menu concise and thoughtful. It is important to foresee every little thing, for example, promotion on the site, following links, relinking pages.

Do you want the created site to work?

Webline24 builds effective websites that really work. I skillfully apply modern knowledge in IT programming, design and marketing in practice. The combination of these three components gives a powerful effect - potential buyers quickly move into the status of customers, and the level of sales increases markedly. Order the creation of a website from professionals and watch the rapid growth of your business. To start cooperation, call or contact me in a way convenient for you.

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Development in the right direction


I work with various modern and stable CMS and frameworks. The main ones are Wordpress, Laravel.


I'm testing the site for loads. Optimizing code for better results.


I integrate websites with various corporate and external services and services ("1C", "MySklad", etc.)

Mobile site

Adaptive layout, a separate mobile site. We will develop an Android and iOS application.

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