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Absence of problems for US non-citizens!

Use unique real American addresses provided by our company. We offer a large number of them.

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Use our services and protect your packages. You can be sure to receive your parcel on time.

About Us

PACK INTERNATIONAL has established itself as a leader in the delivery of purchases from the USA to such countries as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and others. Our specialized transportation services to these countries are recognized all over North America. Our company has been developing this line of business since 2004.

With our company, you will manage to purchase goods from thousands of US online stores and receive them strictly on time. PACK INTERNATIONAL provides customers with real American addresses where the purchased goods are delivered, packages and consolidates these goods and after that sends them to the customers’ addresses in one of the countries mentioned above. The work of our company is earmarked by the highest delivery time, reliability, stability and competitive price.

We are extremely experienced in the delivery of goods. We provide our services in accordance with the shipping laws in force in most countries all over the world.

Our company’s main work principles are reliability, competitive price policy, loyalty, responsibility and customer attention. Special attention is paid to the customer needs and requests. We always have the most suitable variant for the customer.

After applying to PACK INTERNATIONAL, you will be provided with such benefits as:

  • Timely informing about the latest sales and largest discounts;
  • 24/7 assistance in the process of purchasing goods;
  • Reliable packaging according to your requirements;
  • Consolidation of parcels;
  • Forming the necessary documents according to the international and local standards;
  • Inexpensive supply;
  • Receding all necessary information about online shopping;
  • Assistance in buying goods at US online stores for non-residents of the USA.

PACK INTERNATIONAL works for customer’s benefit and always tries to make shopping process as convenient and profitable as possible.

How It Works

Ordering goods


The customer makes an order and points out his preferences concerning the necessary goods, package, payment methods and etc. Our managers are always ready to help the customer if any additional information is necessary.



After the order is made, it shall be paid. At this point, it is necessary to pay for the services provided by our company. We cooperate with a variety of payment systems all of which are entirely secure. The day the payment is received, it is registered by our specialists.



The final stage includes the validation of packages, forming the necessary documentation and sending the ordered goods to our partner’s warehouses, wherefrom the goods are forwarded to the buyers by any possible transportation mode.

Our operating methods are efficient and time-saving. We understand that customers wish to receive their orders undamaged within the shortest period of time and we try really hard to satisfy their needs.

Results 2015

Sent packages

US addresses

Personal managers



Real US addresses

PACK INTERNATIONAL will provide you with real American addresses and a personal manager who will help you solve all problems connected with the order.

Before being shipped, all goods will be carefully checked by the manager. You can forget about all problems with the shipment of purchased goods. All you need is to make an order, and you will receive what you want in excellent condition in the shortest possible time. We work quickly, competently and reliably.


Packaging orders

After you have paid the order, you can be sure it will be properly packed and all your demands and wishes will be taken into account.

We also offer such services as:

  • Consolidation of packages;
  • Storage of packages until they are sent to you;
  • Taking pictures of your goods;
  • Using special packaging types and etc.


Personal Shopping Service

We will make your purchases useful and profitable. Your personal manager is always at your service. We are ready to provide you with assistance in solving such questions as:

  • Studying the availability of the necessary goods at US online stores;
  • Comparing the goods at different stores;
  • Accompanying your order until you receive it.



Evgenia Smirnova

I ordered a gadget for my daughter. The parcel was delivered on time. The device works perfectly. The daughter is happy. Great thanks to the PACK INTERNATIONAL!


Oleg Kuzmin

We ordered 10 computers for our office. No problems occurred in the process of delivering goods. We are extremely satisfied with the work of PCs as well as with the quality of services provided by PACK INTERNATIONAL.


Ksenia Galchanskaya

I could not imagine it was so easy to buy a fashionable Gucci bag from the USA. With PACK INTERNATIONAL it was simple and convenient! PACK INTERNATIONAL is the best enterprise all over the world!


Diana Molchanova

Our company has ordered office supplies with the help of PACK INTERNATIONAL. Our order was delivered on time as a complete package. We will definitely apply to PACK INTERNATIONAL again.


Viktor Golovin

The service is perfect and the quality of purchases is great! What else can I wish! I will undoubtedly apply to PACK INTERNATIONAL again.


Alex Woodman

Our company has been making purchases abroad with PACK INTERNATIONAL for half a year already. We are more than satisfied with everything. PACK INTERNATIONAL is really a reputable and reliable intermediary.


Having an address in the US is required. You will be given a special address in the USA which will allow you to receive goods and packages from any company.

Clients who got PLUS or PREMIUM membership have certain advantages. In particular, their items can be put and delivered together in order to lower the costs (if required). Our shipping costs get lower with higher package weight. Therefore, it’s more economical to send one large package instead of several smaller ones.

You should contact our manager for details. All members get their personal accounts which then are available to you at any time. Moreover, all members receive email with details concerning the shipping.

Absolutely. We use a wide range of payment systems. Whichever one is convenient to our customers.

After logging into your account you can trace all the goods that you ordered. You can use your account 24/7 and from any device. You’ll also be notified when the package is ready for you.

The form must be filled in by a member of a company and he/she must attach a copy of the ID.

The following goods cannot be sent to your country, may require additional documentation, cause problems or delays in the process of shipment:

  • Consumable and flammable items (paints, lighters, oils, nail polish, perfume)
  • Pressurized can (shaving cream, hair spray, spray cans of any type)
  • Hazardous materials such as chemicals, explosives and matches
  • Firearms, weaponry and their parts: any kind of police, military and tactical equipment, including guns, gun accessories, gun replicas and gun components such as magazines, rail systems and clips, knives, ammunition, compound bows, crossbows, swords and discharge weapons such as stun guns or shock batons, optical scopes, tooling for guns or gun parts, night sights, laser sights, handcuffs and other restraints, night vision goggles and surveillance equipment
  • Such agricultural products as tobacco, seeds and plants
  • Coffee
  • Animals and products made of animal skin and furs
  • Alcohol (table wine can be shipped in limited quantities to the majority of countries except for Muslim ones)

The rates are for door-to-door supply. There may be additional fees for the supply of goods in your country. Fees vary from country to country. Our company does not cover them. Get more information on duties and fees at the local customs office.